About Us


We support education


Actual Surveyors had the privilege of supporting a local school group for an afternoon of learning. We love surveying and love to share that knowledge. We look forward to seeing what the next generation of surveyors will do to innovate and revolutionize a profession that has its roots in antiquity. 


What makes our company different?

Actual Surveyors is a different Land Surveying Company. Our core business belief is that a client has the right to work with a Licensed Professional from start to finish. Taze Crowder is our Professional Surveyor - he an ACTUAL SURVEYOR with 26 years of total surveying experience. Taze personally researches each project, performs the field work and completes each deliverable. We chose quality over quantity and are proud of the award winning results personal attention affords.


Isn't it time you worked with an Actual Surveyor?

We value each and every client. Each project has it's own unique challenges. In general the surveying business model is to send crews of unlicensed staff to complete surveys. Often the professional serves as an overseer of information gathered by others. Actual Surveyors are Actual Surveyors we get the data first, evaluate it and put it to work for you. Do you really need a middleman - we don't think so! We believe you need an Actual Surveyor.